The Power of Music: Nathan Gray

Nathan Gray

Nathan Gray is currently focussing on his solo work and is also the singer of BoySetsFire. Nathan was/is also the singer of The Casting Out, The New Recruits, I Am Heresy and The Nathan Gray Collective.

I am really pleased that Nathan took the time for some portrait pictures moments before his solo gig in the Dechenhöhle in Iserlohn, Germany and wanted to share a story for this project!


Here is Nathan’s story:

“For me, music is really about survival. In it’s creation, it’s a safe place to think and feel and say and do whatever I need in order to heal, celebrate, and overcome. Art…music, these blank canvases are both necessary and unique. There is nothing else on earth that allows us a vessel to express ourselves so freely. The canvas does not discriminate and art is subjective – anyone can pick up a guitar, a brush, a pen, and just work out everything inside them that makes it hard to breathe when words alone simply won’t do.

Experiencing music on the other side, as a listener, is equally as valuable and life affirming for me. There is nothing like putting on a song that feels what you feel, says what you cannot, or instantly transports you back through time and space to memories you may have forgotten.

I sincerely cannot imagine my life without music. It has been there for me when I felt alone, and cheered me on when i needed it most. I hope I can pay that feeling forward through my own musical creations.”


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