The Power of Music: Garrett Russell

Garrett Russell is the singer of the Californian metalcore band Silent Planet. I asked him what music means to him before the Silent Planet show at JH Zenith in Dendermonde (BE) on Friday 23 November 2018.


This is what Garrett answered:

“For me, music represents an opportunity for us to express ourselves in a language that is universal, and a language that is much less like politically and economically driven and more so I think like emotional, you know, and intimate. Being able to play this music like today, you know, since we’re from the United States and we’re all the way in Belgium, is a special opportunity to cross cultural and political borders and realize that we’re all essentially the same, you know that we’re all human beings. And it kind of skips past a lot of the nonsense and just as a way that we can, you know just be humans and occupy the same space. Music is I think the vehicle for that, the language is a very profound tool that way.”



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