Overview of my nature photography year 2018

To be honest, I’ve spent much less time in nature than I’d have loved. I did a lot of concert photography, there was my job, my marriage, we expected a baby, our baby boy is already almost 3 months old, and maybe I can find some more excuses đŸ˜‰

Besides the walks in nature, I did 2 bigger trips in 2018:

  • Finland (with Starling, trip accompanied by Johan van der Wielen & Finn Snaterse)
  • Farne Islands (with Delta Safari)

You can read all about those trips in earlier blog posts. So I’ll show you some of my favourite nature pictures from this year:


Not sure yet what 2019 will bring besides day trips in nature, but in January I hope to be able to secure my spot for a boat trip in the Great Bear Rainforest in Canada in search of the spirit bear in 2020!

With our baby boy I guess I want do a longer trip abroad and spend some them with my wife and little boy in Belgian nature (our in the neighbouring countries). As we moved to Leuven, there’s plenty of nature to check out in our new neighbourhood as well. Tips for great nature photography spots are always welcome, especially if there’s some wildlife to be seen.

Besides nature & wildlife photography in general, I hope to be able to work on some series. I’ve got a few ideas, let’s see how it all works out! I also want to add new pictures to my ‘I Am An Individual‘ project.



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