Nature photography trips: Great Bear Rainforest and voucher

Currently I’m doing mainly concert photography, but I got some exciting news regarding nature photography!

  • I won a € 50 voucher for a Starling trip!

Starling travel offers both nature and nature photography trips and for their 5 year anniversary you could send them your story about your experiences during one of their trips. Last year I went to Finland with Starling. You can read about that in previous posts. My experience from that trip was that I should try to enjoy the moment more rather then just focussing on shooting the perfect picture. There’s always factors you have no control over what so ever, so I should simply enjoy the gorgeous nature more. For this story I received a € 50 voucher for a trip with Starling! There’s so much great trips to choose from, it will be a difficult decision!


  • I booked a trip to the Great Bear Rainforest!

When I did a roadtrip in Canada with my wife in 2017, I immediately fell in love with the Canadian nature! So I’m excited about booking my photography trip to the Great Bear Rainforest in 2020! Hoping to photograph a spirit bear and plenty of other wildlife, as well as enjoying the awesome Canadian nature in general!



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