We at WolfSetsFire are truly passionate about music, nature and sports!

At WolfSetsFire we believe that music, nature and sports can have a very powerful impact on your life, in both good and bad times. We believe they are a fantastic, easily available and healthy alternative for toxic and addictive things like alcohol, tobacco and drugs. We believe they should be considered as cheap, yet awesome sources to restore your batteries, to get a clear(er) head and to feel good!

Our mission at WolfSetsFire is to show you the beauty, energy and emotions that can be found in music, nature and sports. We feel so inspired by music, nature and sports that we want to pass this feeling on to you. Even if you’re only into one of these three components, we believe you will feel way better once you dive into this component. Learn, feel inspired and enjoy!

We also believe that respect is essential. Some humans may think they are better than other humans and animals, and that nature is not important, but we believe we cannot do without the necessary respect for our fellow humans, animals, plants and our planet. We all share our planet and we all deserve to be here and enjoy a nice life. We, humans, don’t own this place. We are all here to enjoy our time on this earth as much as possible.