Our passions

Here at WolfSetsFire we are really passionate about 3 things: music, nature and sports.

We believe that a cocktail with these ingredients can keep you on your feet in this insane world. Whatever happens to you, we believe that a shot of your favourite music, a shot of nature and/or a shot of sports will pull you through tough moments! Life can be extremely hard, but we believe you should definitely try the calming effects of music, nature and sports!


We are extremely passionate about MUSIC!  Maybe you can relate to this:

  • To other people it seems like you talk in lyrics!
  • You have seen your favourite artist 25+ times (and counting)!
  • People have asked you whether you live at a concert venue!
  • Your girlfriend or boyfriend starts to sing a song of your favourite band out of the blue (even though she or he is not really into that kind of music)!
  • If your favourite artists is in your neighbourhood several days in a row, you just go several days in a row!
  • You have way too many albums at home, because you support the bands you like!
  • You don’t mind travelling abroad to see certain artists an extra time!
  • You’d rather spend all your money on concerts of your favourite artists, than spending it on anything else!
  • Even if you don’t like big crowds, you just go to big venues and festivals to see your favourite artists!
  • When you go on a holiday, you check whether there will be some interesting concerts in the neighbourhood!

Sounds familiar? It certainly does to us!


We are extremely passionate about NATURE! Maybe you can relate to this:

  • You simply love all the colours nature offers!
  • You love all the animals you meet as they make you feel happy!
  • You’d rather spend your time in nature than in the concrete world of our cities!
  • You are simply amazed by how perfect nature seems to work!
  • You immediately feel some kind of peace when you’re in nature!
  • You’ve had some really intense experiences in nature, like walking in a forest while it keeps raining cats and dogs for many hours and you seem to be lost as everything looks the same!
  • You’d rather spend your holidays in nature than in another city!

Sounds familiar? It certainly does to us!


We are extremely passionate about SPORTS! Maybe you can relate to this:

  • Even when you’re tired, a hard training gives you energy!
  • You hardly miss any training!
  • Sometimes your coach needs to hold you a little back because you want to reach your goal so badly!
  • You always want to improve your personal record!
  • You are amazed by the performances of athletes and you feel inspired by them!
  • When you decided where you’ll be spending your holiday, you first check whether there is a track, gym, …, so you can continue your training!

Sounds familiar? It certainly does to us!


What’s your passion?