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Green tree frog

In between the two concerts of Nathan Gray Collective in Cologne and Eindhoven this week, I spent some time in nature at two natural reserves in the Netherlands. One is known for the presence of the green tree frog. As I was in the neighbourhood, I was hoping to see one or more of the small, yet lovely creatures. It took some time to spot one, but then I saw 4 of them catching some sun. In order not to disturb these frogs too much, I also decided to visit the Groote Peel about half and hour up north. Took a 6km walk and took a few shots of birds that were singing.

What amazed me was that there were almost no other people in both natural reserves, so I was happy to spent some time in the company of the amazing nature. Batteries recharged.

Below some pictures of the frog, some birds and some nature.


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