My name is Jürgen Bruynooghe and I’m a thirty-something, Leuven-based concert and nature photographer.

Music was my first love
And it will be my last.
Music of the future
And music of the past.
To live without my music
Would be impossible to do.
In this world of troubles,
My music pulls me through. (John Miles)

I can’t possibly tell how important music has been, is, and will be in my life. Thanks to everyone who has brought music to me: first of all the musicians, the real artists. For making a song for every situation imagineable, so it is easier to cope with the ups and downs of life. To inspire. Then of course also thank you to everyone who helps them to get their music to my ears (concert organizers, radio, tv, …). Music has brought me to places I’d never would have been if it wasn’t for the music. Music has given me way too many great moments and memories.

So what I am trying to show with my concert photography is to give something back to the music community, to let people see how much fun attending gigs is, how awesome it is to hear and see artists play their music live and enjoy their time on stage, how much music can mean to the audience.

Besides music, nature is also really important in my life. Nature is so damn beautiful and the number one place to clear your head and relax in our ratrace society. It’s horrifying to see what humans do to nature and show little to no respect. With my photographs I want to show nature’s beauty and I hope to inspire people to spend more time in nature and experience its healing powers.

The website not only contains concert and nature photography, but also personal projects.

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