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Vlaanderen Muziekland in Tienen

Artists:   The Dinky Toys, De Romeo’s, Laura Lynn, Willy Sommers, Sylver, Celien Hermans, 2 Fabiola, Loredana, Maksim, The Starlings and Stan Van Samang

Venue:   Vlaanderen Muziekland (TV show) at the Grote Markt in Tienen (BE)

Date:   Thursday 24 August 2022

Accreditation:   Frontview Magazine

Check all pictures on the Frontview Magazine website:

2 Fabiola
The Dinky Toys
2 Fabiola
The Dinky Toys
De Romeo's
Willy Sommers
Celien Hermans
Laura Lynn
The Starlings
Stan Van Samang

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