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On Facebook I saw someone posting a photography class of Konsta Punkka on Skillshare, a kind of virtual classroom where you can watch class on all kinds of things, such as photography, design, fashion, lifestyle, crafts, and much more. Check out the website to see if there’s some class you’d like to take.

I’ve been following plenty of classes on there in the last few weeks and although some classes are not new subjects, I always felt I had learned something or  found some new inspiration for my own work.

This website and the logo are all DIY without that much specific knowledge beforehand, yet I found some interesting classes on Skillshare to get started with Photoshop, Illustrator, etcetera. Thanks to all the Skillskare teachers and Skillshare!

If you like the platform and want to take some classes, you can get 3 months of the premium site (access to all classes, not just the free ones) by clicking on the picture below for just 0.99 dollar. I think it’s totally worth it if you have enough time to watch the classes.

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