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What do people drink in Ghent?

When I was looking for a name, I first wanted something with the word ‘observation‘. As that is something I like to do and something that will be featured on this blog. What do I see when I go out and observe?

This is some old work, yet the topic is still as relevant as hell. At the time of the photography course I took, I was walking around the swimming pool Van Eyck in Ghent and noticed a lot of garbage in the streets around the swimming pool. Based on the garbage I saw, I thought: “Why not do a study of what people in Ghent drink?”. Here are some drinks (or at least the empty cans and bottles) I found over a short walking distance.

I post this old series here as I think people should be reminded every once in a while that garbage only belongs in a garbage can, not on the streets or in nature. This problem can be found everywhere, so it’s our task to clean up our mess and leave every single place as clean as possible. That’s the “sets fire” part of the name speaking!




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